check property set value - why error?

Florian Lohberger
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check property set value - why error?

Beitrag von Florian Lohberger » Di 10. Okt 2017, 10:18

hi all,

is that forum alive? I will see ;)

My problem is that i don't understand why the error pops up although "KIND" should not trigger an error with the property set values.
target is that the field should a.) not contain [ or b.) should not be empty.

thanks for any hint.

btw i just started using SMC

BR, Florian
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Re: check property set value - why error?

Beitrag von EM80 » Fr 29. Dez 2017, 20:58


As far as I can see the condition: "Must not exist" implies that "property shouldn't have a value"

The property say attribute value is "Kind" so the rule violation is obvious.

For further questions please provide an ifc example and the corresponding smc with violation.

Happy New Year to you and all listeners!



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